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Spaw Services

Our salon provides your pup with premium spa services and a top-notch experience right in the heart of your neighborhood. With an array of services from grooming to daycare, we are committed to providing your pup with the perfect look and feel that will leave them ready to take on the world! Come on in and let us pamper your pup with a wag-worthy transformation

What We


Full Groom

Our Full Groom service is the complete spa package for your fur-friend! We offer a complete cut and style, including special/breed cuts, brush, nails and bath. All of our services are performed with the utmost care for your pet's comfort and safety.


Bath & Brush

Our Bath and Brush package is the perfect way to give your pet the spa experience. This service includes a warm bath with high-quality shampoo, a thorough brush out, and lots of love and cuddles. Your pet will leave feeling refreshed and looking their best.


Tattoos for Dawgs

Unleash Your Pup's Inner Paw-sonality with a Temporary Tattoo for Dogs


Bath & Tidy

Our Bath and Tidy service is perfect for keeping your furry friend looking their best! We will pamper your pup with a luxurious spa bath, followed by a quick clean up trim to keep their coat looking fresh and neat. This is a great option for keeping your pup looking groomed and well-maintained between full services.



Our Mani-Pedi service is the perfect way to give your pet's paws and claws the attention they deserve! Our experienced groomers will trim and file your pet's nails for a tidy and healthy look. This service is complementary to grooming services or available as a single appointment, and you can even add nailpolish for a special touch


Creative Grooming

Our Creative Grooming service allows you to add a unique and creative touch to your pet's look. We use pet safe dye to add a color pop to your pet's fur, creating a pawtastic addition to their style

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